Jeff Berlin posing with drumkit

Jeff Berlin

I’ve been drumming since about age four and continue to enjoy performing and recording with original songwriters such as Reed Foehl, Bow Thayer, Boris McCutcheon, Jabe Beyer and many more. Thanks for joining me here.

Upcoming Events

  • April 13, 2024

    Sugarbush Resort

    102 Forest Drive

    Warren, VT

    Reed Foehl Band

    @ 1:00 PM

    Annual Spring Fling

    This event is from 1-7 PM and features: Reed Foehl Band, G Love and Special Sauce, Stephen Kellogg

  • April 20, 2024

    Stage 33 Live

    33 Bridge Street

    Bellows Falls, VT

    Reed Foehl and Jeff Berlin

    @ 7:00 PM

    with Tommy Crawford opening

Recent Tracks

Introducing some songs that I admire from recent albums. Please listen!

Stayed in Love - The whole band was set up in David's living room, with everyone recording live together. Total old-school. This was one of those magic moments of studio collaboration where we all came up with our parts and arranged the song together in a matter of minutes.

House Carpenter - A very old song covered by many artists, most notably Bob Dylan. I didn't want to detract from Boris's intricate guitar and haunting vocal performance so I tried a delicate, orchestral approach to this. I introduced a new sound/part in each verse, slowly building it throughout. This is one of only 2 songs by other artists that I played piano on.

Good to See You - Jeremy wrote this song about the late, great Billy Conway. I think the lyrics beautifully capture Billy's spirit. I took a very simple approach to the drum part, and a 70s-style, muffled, compressed drum sound seemed appropriate.

My Releases

/assets/albums/broken-mold-ep-jeff-berlin.webp Artwork
Broken Mold

Seven original instrumental songs featuring appearances by musician friends. Released in 2023.

/assets/albums/random_misfires.jpg Artwork
Random Misfires

Twenty one original instrumental songs featuring appearances by musician friends. Released in 2018.